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To Be A Man October 22, 2009

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I have to spin this week’s assignment from Liz at Lizdom even more than last week’s.


What it means to be a man – As I have NO idea, what it means to be an actual man, and I don’t believe any man I know would spend time trying to articulate his “true” feelings about it to me, I am going to write….



“The Top Ten Reasons Why I Am The ‘Man’ In This Relationship”.


10. I. Do. Not. Cook.

9. I do not do dishes, either.

8. I believe all cleaning that occurs, occurs magically.

7. I do not write checks/ pay bills. That also occurs magically.

6. In the evenings, after the kid’s in bed, I do little else but watch TV and drink (and work on my laptop).

5. I really, really, REALLY don’t like to talk before/during/after sex.

4. Nor do I like to cuddle before/during/after sex.

3. I really think it’s funny when my kid curses. Mainly because she’s still tiny and she has no idea what she’s saying.

2. I see no reason why we cannot eat dinner in the living room.

1. I am always the one who initiates sex. Always.


2 Responses to “To Be A Man”

  1. Lori D Says:

    You seemed to have hit the nail on the head there with some of the men I know in my life!

  2. Christina Says:

    OMG ! This one is too funny ! It is scary – but your mind set is just like my husbands !!!!! You really do wear the pants !LOL : )

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