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Soul Mates. October 28, 2009

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It’s a rainy day and mentally, all is not well.


I am happy to do this tribute today to those I love and who have such special meaning to me.


People in my life who are my soulmates:


Ava. She is such a mini me. She has all my attitude, all my passion, all the charisma, all the love that I have, intensified. I love that I can relate to the little ball of passion that she is and that I understand it, because, not everyone does. I love that she is my personality soul mate.


Mike. He is the yang to my yin. For every bit of passion I have, he has reservation. For all my emotion, he has calm and rationale. I’m so thankful that I truly have my other half. We are so good for each other. In that way, I think we’re soul mates.


Liz. Liz is my parenting soul mate. Together we entered motherhood, just days apart. Together we learned about instinct. We learned how to be mothers. We have very similar principles in raising our daughters. We balance each other out – we run scenarios by each other and what one might not see, the other does. Our focus, from Go, was our daughters. Every moment. We learned how to balance, over time, the importance of that focus as they have grown with their independence and the natural changes that the mother and child bond goes through as the children grow. I very rarely ever find another mother that shares my views as closely as Liz.


I’m probably not doing any of this justice, but here it is.

My soulmates. Those who have meant so much to me, and who I would not be the same without, and who I am lucky to have by my side.


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