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So sorry… but I love fall. November 4, 2009

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Things here are insanely busy.  I’m working 24/7 and trying to get enough rest in between.


In the mornings, at 4, I’m driving in in the cool crisp air, the leaves are all changing colors, falling off the trees, everything is getting ready for winter. I love the chill in the air, I love the frosty air.  I love the foliage. I love New England in the fall.  I love just needing a fleece jacket, if any at all.


I don’t like the holiday season very much – I tend to dig my heels in, hard, before it comes.  And savor every moment with the leaves falling and the gorgeous sunrises after the time change.


So even though I’m literally going absolutely fucking mental at work these days, I love my time NOT at work all the more. 


Got the OPKs.  Am ovulating.  Will see what happens! 


I’ve had a lot of anger this week. But it seems once I hit a point of being angry, some undefined threshold of anger, things just roll off of me.  So I just need to learn how to better manage my anger till I get to that point (doesn’t take long!!!) 


I’m at the bosslady’s house tonight, for a couple of drinks and a debrief of this very intense week.  She’s on the phone, getting the skinny on some scoopage.  Soon, we’ll do some ab work and maybe watch a bit of my wedding video. 


Another thing that’s going on is that I’ve decided that with my christmas money, I’m getting electrolysis.  Brows. Stache.  Not eager for the pain, but glad for no more waxing, etc. 




One Response to “So sorry… but I love fall.”

  1. juliemommy Says:

    I think in other countries you are allowed to have and express anger in healthier ways, but in this country we are encouraged not to have it at all. And yet as a culture we are wound so tight it’s no wonder we all kinds of fucked up. I still don’t think you should feel bad to be mad, though. You’re allowed.

    I wish work for you was as good as it was so many months ago. You’re just on a downswing these days…but you know what? I am pretty pissy myself right now, so we should have a bitch session soon.

    Call me later!

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