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Friends July 19, 2010

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So it’s been quite a month of friendship activity…

An old friend, one that was with me through thick and thin throughout my whole life, and then “dropped out” suddenly two years ago, is back. And engaged. And we’re plugging along.  Figuring it out.  Proceeding cautiously.

And another old friend, one who was with me throughout my pregnancy and through Ava’s first four years, and I are ironing some things out between us.  Even a few other friends from this era are back in touch.  These women, they were my parenting partners.  I can’t imagine what my life alone with Ava would have been without them.   I am thankful to be chatting with all of them again. 
I’m thankful for them. 

I’m thankful that I have a friend at work who has been through so much with me these last few months.  She supports me. She lifts me up.  And it’s some heavy lifting these days.  Major. 

Thankful, thankful, thankful.

We’re happily in our new house, happily going about our little lives.  Ava is in her new daycare and gearing up for Kindergarten in a month. My baby’s getting big.

My work is killing me.  Seriously.  Even sometimes, like today, when I can make it through the day laughing at the incredibly extremely painful goings-on, when I sign on at night, something will kick my ass.  Hard.  Or just the events catch up with me and overwhelm me.    I feel so defeated, and knowing I have to get up again tomorrow and fight like hell, again, and be defeated, again.  I feel like I’m being eaten alive.  But my job is to fight. Literally, that’s why I get a paycheck.   To fight.

Blah.  I wish I still drank 🙂


One Response to “Friends”

  1. Lately, I have a hard time getting through a week without a glass of wine. I take comfort in my memories of my mom doing the same with my brothers. And my brothers and I would all tell you that we were all raised in a home without alcohol! Ha! But there are nights when that little bit of tension relief… well…

    And… *MWAH*

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