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Trying again July 23, 2010

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For months and months – well over a year, we’ve been trying for a baby.

There have been cycles that we haven’t tried for one reason or another (surgery, sickness, etc).   

Last month we tried, no go.  We’re back in “cycle week” again this week and I can’t help, even after all these unsucessful cycles, to hope with all of my heart that this will be our month. 

It’s such a hard cycle of ups and downs, trying to conceive for so long.  You hope for 3 weeks each month, thinking, this is the month.  I know it worked.   You carefully schedule time with your husband, to optimize your chances.  And then, your hopes are dashed the instant your period arrives.   Doesn’t help your PMS.

I lost use of my right ovary and tube ofter my first surgery in March 2009.  So half of the months we try, we know the chances are slim to none.  But we still have to try. 

I want a baby in my arms, MY baby,  and I want a sibling for Ava, a biological child for Michael that he can experience from “go”.  I know the joy we’d all have if this happens.  Our families too. 

So now, fingers crossed for the next 2.5 weeks.


One Response to “Trying again”

  1. I pray for you regularly. You and Michael are such awesome parents and there are children who will be blessed to have you- we just aren’t sure if those future kids are by birth or adoption.

    I watched my parents struggle with infertility for the first few years of their marriage. There were drugs and appointments and procedures and surgery. They had tried everything and gave up trying… and ended up pregnant with Ted.

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