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Thankful, again July 29, 2010

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Today we got really bad news.

One of my teammates, his daughter passed.   Yesterday she went to the ER, they found a blood clot on her lung.   Today she died.    He has three daughters, he raised himself, and they are his whole world.  He talks about them constantly, worships them. She was the youngest – 20 yrs old.

The email came out and all you heard around the office were gasps and sobs. 

I cannot imagine the heartache of losing a child.

Ava is my whole world. She is my everything.   

The painful reality is, anything can happen, at any time. You just don’t ever know.   You never, ever know.

I called her, at school, just to hear her voice, and tonight, I held her extra tight and kissed her cheeks lots extra.  I am so thankful for her.   She is everything to me.  

I cannot imagine what my friend is living through in this moment, this day.   Twenty years of raising this child into a woman.  How can you ever pick your life back up, how can you carry on, when your heart is that  broken.    What a nightmare. 

When my friend died, too young, she left three babies behind.  When a parent dies, the kids, they may be broken, but they can live. THey can have lives and families and bright futures.   How can a parent lose their child and have any hope, any happiness with that hole left in their life?

Any parent knows what I am talking about.  It is every parents worst nightmare, losing their child.  

I am so heavy with sadness and worry tonight.


One Response to “Thankful, again”

  1. A friend I’ve made through blogging lost her son to suicide recently. It’s been horribly tragic to watch her live through this. I can’t imagine raising a child for so long, seeing what they are about to become and give tot eh world and to have it all taken away.

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